Have you ever wondered why babies sleep so much during the day?

You’ll be surprised to discover that babies tire themselves by spending their nights flying, frolicking, and floating like “peachy, plump bees,” through town... while slumbering parents remain unaware of their babies’ secret night-time adventures...

An Alphabet Book of Dogs is a complete collection of colorful canine characters — from A to Z!

Find the hidden names... fun for all ages!

“Enchanting, with lots of bark!"

—Amazon Review

Little Kitchen on the Mountain started as a personal chore: to organize a small mountain of hand-written recipe cards.

You’ll find “Sunday Bread,” the author’s signature apple crisp, four variations of chocolate cake, a dozen or so recipes calling for maple syrup... as well as tips & quaint anecdotes... all with a spattering of photos and colorful illustrations.

*Little Kitchen on the Mountain is a casual recipe collection; Jessie is not a professional cook.

The Honu & Kiyaya Series

Stories that nurture the hearts and minds of young children, and strengthen the spirit of the adults who love them.

About the Artist

Jessie has been a graphic artist since 1998, working with pixels on a computer screen. Illustration with pens and paints (as more than a hobby) is a fairly new adventure. She has produced promotional imagery for Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater, hand-lettered signage for local businesses, and created countless artworks for friends and family.

Jessie grew up in Bakersfield, Vermont and now lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband and three children.